As the years roll by, construction practices are gradually turning away from the usual traditional trend to a more advanced mediums of construction that save pn both cost and time of construction. With advancement in technology and an increase in the awareness of human action on the planet, there has been a demand for the need to shift to less harmful building practices that are also friendlier on the pocket.

 We at Simply Build It Ltd understand the struggle that clients could face when thinking about shifting from traditional building styles to more advanced building technologies because of the difficulty in accessing companies that manufacture and install alternate buildings. We have the technical know-how as well as the expertise to construct private properties as well commercial buildings using three different kinds of alternate structures listed below. 

 Structural Insulated Panels

Structural insulated panels (SIP's) are a high performance building system for residential and light commercial construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board (OSB).  SIP's are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective. Building with SIP's will save you time, money and labor.Electrical wire chases are pre-cut into the foam core prior to the laminating process. Typical wire chases are 1.5" in diameter and are placed at 12" and 48" up from the floor horizontally around the walls and vertically every 4’. However, custom wire chases can be placed anywhere in your wall or roof panel package. Wire chases can also be added for alarm systems, cable TV, etc.

Rough openings for doors and windows are pre-cut.Wall is then disassembled for shipping.

Panels are numbered according to the shop drawings to allow for easy identification and faster installation. Interior finishes can also be added to the panels at the factory (such as tongue and groove pine or cedar, or even sheet-rock . All of this adds up to accelerated on-site construction schedules!

 Light Gauge Steel Framing

The use of light gauge steel framing for home construction has increased recently due to advantages such as rot and termite resistance, uniformity, and cost when compared with wood and concrete blocks . 

This system is what makes it possible for skyscrapers to be constructed within record time. Light-gauge Steel Frame System is the safest, fastest and most innovative construction technique of its day. SFS consists of galvanized steel construction components that are produced by the cold forming method. The steel components are produced into steel frames by the CNC machines and are in accordance with the international standards. All the components of the carrying system of a structure are assembled with screws and bolts without the need of welding, therefore human error or damage is minimized during the assembly.

They can be sheathed on the exterior with composite panels, bricks or other exterior sheathing products.


Building with bricks is a fast, reliable and cost effective construction method. This building system minimizes the use of iron rods, cement and sand which goes a long way to reduce the cost of construction. Building time is cut virtually in half allowing for construction to be completed quicker than with traditional blocks and mortar. Bricks have other alternative uses and can be combines with the other two alternate building material and systems to provide aesthetic value or reduced building costs.

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